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05AR17SI  - 1.69
05AR17SI - 1.69" LENGTH
05AR17S - 1.69
05AR17S - 1.69" LENGTH
05AR25SI 2.56
05AR25SI 2.56" LENGTH
05AR25S 2.56
05AR25S 2.56" LENGTH
05AR32SI 3.27
05AR32SI 3.27" LENGTH
05AR32S 3.27
05AR32S 3.27" LENGTH
05AR40SI 4.09
05AR40SI 4.09" LENGTH
05AR40S 4.09
05AR40S 4.09" LENGTH


METRIC sizes: 43mm, 65mm, 83mm and 104mm
IMPERIAL sizes: 1.69", 2.56", 3.27" and 4.09"


Handle Material: Reinforced Nylon, 15% glass
fiber reinforcement.

Coloring is fully penetrated and will not show discoloring when abrasion occurs. With a matte finish, standard color is black with a red button, other colors available as requested.

Resistant to solvents grease and oils, as well as other agents. Heat resistant to 250 degrees F.

Operating Instructions: Clamping Handles are used when the clamping range is limited or a
specific setting is required or adjusted and can be incrementally tightened or loosened as required.


All units can be provided with a brass, zinc plated steel, or stainless steel Insert. They also come with threaded studs, in zinc plated steel, or stainless steel. Standard colors are black matte handle with a red cap, other colors are available (MOQ may apply).

For complete technical information and prices click on the size unit required.

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